Lyric® Plugin Crawl2007 live On Air at ARD

US Elections
The Crawl2007 Plugin has been used for a Crawl by the ARD for the US Elections in 2008.

The ARD used a Text File as Source that was updated permanently. The Customer has build his own Design with Chyron Lyric® 6.0 and has used Crawl 2007 to bring the latest News On Air. 









Lyric® PluginText Update live On Air at BR

Bavarian Elections
The BR has used a Custom Plugin to update and animate a Lower 3rd with the latest news and to controll different

Objects on Lyric® 6.5 Pro. The Plugin was used together with a VBA Macro that scales the Background of a text to the length of the Text. The Macro recognizes how many Templates the Operator fills and animates a 1, 2 or 3 row Lower 3rd.










Our References
Our Customers are the Chyron GmbH Germany, German State Broadcasters like the  BR, NDR, RBB and the MDR.

Technical event companies like Neumann und Müller or  Visiontools belong also to our Customers.









Crawl Plugin for Lyric®


Create your own Playlist and use Files or free Text as Source. Add Transitions, Fontchanges or Images to your Crawl. Define at what Position the next Update will take effect.

Get the free Version

Download the free Version today! It allows you to build a Playlist with one Object or one File as Source.

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Lyric® LEIF Plugins and  Macros

Lyric® LEIF Plugins

To our Products belong different Plugins for Lyric® and Lyric® Pro, like Applications for Sports like Soccer, or Game Shows and News. We also build custom Applications for your special needs.

VBA Macros for Lyric

We are also offering VBA Macros for Lyric® and Lyric® Pro to optimize your workflow.










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